I Can’t Dance – Free Track Friday

The return of Sled Dog Studios’ Free Track Friday Program!

Officially, the twelfth release in the series, I Can’t Dance was a collaboration between me and Jon Karlas, fellow alumni of The Binghamton Crosbys. We sure had a lot of fun recording the different percussive elements of the house to create the drums for this track.

I got to work on many facets of this production of this track when Jon visited Sled Dog in June 2012, including arranging, editing, mixing, and singing. Additional production was done by the Sled Dog Team, with Mastering done by Tat Tong of T2 Productions.

Read More: Tumblr

Listen: LoudriTunes

Jon Karlas (soloist/arrangement) @jonkarlas
Ted Trembinski (arrangement/mixing) @tedtrembinski
Jeston Lewis (editing) @jestonlewis
David Longo @davidjlongo
Mike “Mikey P” Purcell @sleddogstudios
Tat Tong (mastering) @t2tattong

I Can't Dance - Free Track Friday

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