Brand New Walk – Yale OOTB

Brand New Walk - Yale OOTB

The latest release from Out of the Blue, a co-ed group out of Yale.

This three track EP features they’re 2012 ICCA set, which took them all the way to Finals in NYC this past year.

I recorded and edited these tracks at Yale in Spring 2012. The project was mixed by Plaid Productions and mastered by Tat Tong of T2 Productions. This was the second project I’ve worked on with OOTB. The first time I had the pleasure of working with them was while tracking 16 Edgewood, the last LP the group released.

Click through to get track info, details on ordering information, as well as other media of the group.

EDIT: Did someone say red carpet? While at BOSS yesterday, I was overjoyed to hear that Bottom of the River won a CARA for Best Mixed Collegiate Solo. I am so proud of Aviva Musicus. Recording the solo with her was one of the most memorable recent experiences I’ve had in my still very young career. Learn more here.

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