Domino – The Exchange

The first release from The Exchange, all male, all powerhouse professional group.

These guys have been on tour all over the place the past summer, with good reason. They’re all alumni performers of NBC’s The Sing Off (save one who worked as a vocal coach/arranger on season 3). Getting to work and chill with them was a blast – true talent and just loads of fun.

I got to record the track (along with two others) on one long day in July 2012. The project was edited by Alfredo Austin of the Exchange mixed by James Cannon of VocalSource.

Click through to listen to the track on Soundcloud.

Update: The Exchange just released a promotional video, which features another song I got to do some tracking on. Check it out here, as they connect the world through music!

Update 2: Looks like another song I tracked with the group just got some love. Payphone is one of my favorite tracks The Exchange has done to date. Chris’ bass just blows me away. Anyway, you can now find that track on Voices Forte II!

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