Heatin’ Up – Eight Beat Measure

The latest album release from Eight Beat Measure, an all male group out of Rochester Institute of Technology.

This project is pretty near and dear to me, as the boys of Eight Beat Measure attend school but five minutes away from Sled Dog Studios. The Studios founder, Dave Longo, is an alumni of the group. They have welcomed me into their brotherhood of song with open arms, which was very comforting to me when I moved up to Rochester last August.

As mentioned previously, the first single off this album, Carry Out, was featured on Voices Only 2012.

I did a small amount of recording and edited the whole album between 2011-12. The rest of the tracking was done by the albums producer, Dave Longo. The project was mixed by many aca-greats, including Tat Tong, Dave Sperandio, James Cannon, James Gammon, Ed Boyer, and Bill Hare.  The whole album was mastered by Dave Sperandio of Vocal Mastering.

Click through to listen to demo’s of the songs on Soundcloud purchase the album on iTunes.

EDIT: Hold up! BOCA 2013 just got announced and it turns out that it start off like this:

BOCA 2012: Best Of College A Cappella

1. Party Rock – Rochester Institute of Technology Eight Beat Measure

Check it here.

Eight Beat Measure - Heatin' Up

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