Lights – SoJam X Collab Track

In November of 2012, the world saw the greatest a cappella event on earth turn 10. SoJam X was one one of the biggest a cappella parties I’ve ever been to. Somehow, Dave Longo managed to squeeze in a quick recording session. Whose arrangement did he use? Christopher Diaz’s, duh.

Edge Effect. The Nor’Easters. SoJam VIP. PENTATONIX. That’s who recorded at SoJam. Enough awesome? I say no. So Angela Ugolini recorded Musae. Why? WHY NOT. j. cannon sent over some drums. Again; WHY NOT?!

I got to edit a the bulk of this track. Additional editing was done by Nick Lyons. It was mixed at Sled Dog ROC by Dave Longo and Nick Lyons of The Vocal Company, and mastered by Dave Sperandio of Vocal Mastering.

This is what we do and how we do it. This is The Vocal Company.

Click through for a free listen!

EDIT: Turns out this project is so much more than just a song, but it’s also… A VIDEO! Our own Rachel Chalhoub put together this awesome reel of clips, featuring everyone on the track. Crazy, right? Try to catch the sneak peek of me throwing my arms up in delight.


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