Split The Dark – Yale OOTB

Split The Dark

The latest release from Out of the Blue, a co-ed group out of Yale.

Another few weeks in New Haven, holed up in Morse studio, and this was brought into the world. It’s incredible that while we were recording 16 Edgewood, the current executive board of the group were just freshman. This is what they’ve grown up to create. What an exciting adventure OOTB continues to be. They continue to keep the mindset that music creation is an experiment. There’s nothing as fun and rewarding as that.

I recorded and edited these tracks at Yale in Spring 2013. The project was mixed by Ed Boyer and mastered by my childhood friend, Eric Scholz of Liquid 5th. This was the third project I’ve worked on with OOTB. The last project we did was an EP called Brand New Walk, which included one of my favorite performances ever; CARA award winning Aviva Musicus wailing on Bottom of the River.

Check out their album on Loudr or find it on iTunes.

EDIT: Am I seeing lights? No, it’s just neon! Sing 10: Neon that is! OOTB’s version of I’d Do It All Again got on the CASA compilation. I’m particularly proud of soloist and senior Sana Sharma! Check out Sing 10: Neon on Loudr.

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