Doctor Who – The Vocal Company

The latest release from The Vocal Company, the full production a cappella studio based out of Rochester NY I work for!

Like I posted on Facebook, one perk of having seniority in a a growing organization is you get to tell the new people what to work on. When our intern, Johnny, came to me with a proposed project list, we threw all the ideas out and set to work on this. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate a thing I love so much; with people love so dear, making the things we love to make together. Also, we got to give it away for free!!

Johnny arranged, recorded and edited the track. Dave Longo started the mix and I saw it out. It was mastered by Dave Sperandio of Vocal Mastering, with cover art by Rachel Chalhoub of TVC. Rachel also scrolls around the cover art in this video.


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