Julia Easterlin – Live at The Vocal Company

Julia Easterlin graced our studio in Rochester NY with a set of five songs. We’re bringing them to you with both audio and visuals!

Working with Julia was an experience for me. Many people who have worked with me before know me as a ball of positivity, trying to stay on task and on point. In this session, I have to admit, I was fan-boying quite a bit. Julia’s singing, presentation, and concepts move me to my core. This is the type of music I most want to consume, so when I had an opportunity to press the big red button, it was hard to do anything but stare.

This is a continuation of a long program in which TVC brings artists up to the studio to produce their music with as much quality and quality control as possible. Last time you saw me posting about it, it was titled #LiveAtSledDog and featured the lovely ladies of Musae.

The videos were shot at The Vocal Company’s Rochester studio in August of 2013. I handled the audio.  The video was done by Jeston Lewis of TVC. Dave Sperandio of Vocal Mastering did some mastering too.

The first video was just released, I’ll update it as the others are released too.

Watch: Eyes on the Prize

You can purchase her music through Loudr too. Nothing says “I love this music” like paying more than the minimum for it.


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