The Riveters – Jolene

The latest release from The Riveters, an all female a cappella group out of Oakland, CA.

I have a serious problem with The Riveters. I was at their debut performance at #SheSing2013. Even at soundcheck, I knew that they weren’t just a power house group, but one which resonated with all of the same artistic and aesthetic principles I treasure. When group founder Lisa Forkish asked me to be involved in the project, I leapt at the opportunity. This post is for their video for Jolene, but the rest of the EP is on it’s way soon! This one features Sarah Vela, whom you might have recently (as recently as tonight) seen on NBC’s The Sing Off, singing lead with Vocal Rush, a high school a cappella group Lisa directs. Or maybe you recognized their percussionist, Courtney Jensen, from the group Noteworthy, which appeared on season 1. A cappella; it’s one big happy family!

Edit: This track just got on Voices Only Forte IV! Huzzah!

They also have the best credits ever. I’m just using them here:

The Riveters are Sarah Vela, Courtney Jensen, Lisa Forkish, Moorea Dickason and Stevie Greenwell. “Jolene” arrangement by Lisa Forkish.

Recorded by Charlie Forkish at CCRMA Studios; Stanford, CA.
Edited by Charlie Forkish and Ted Trembinski.
Mixed and Mastered by Bill Hare Productions; Milpitas, CA.
Produced by The Riveters and Charlie Forkish.
Video by Patrick Anseth and Moorea Dickason.

Watch: YouTube

Listen: Bandcamp

Connect with The Riveters: FacebookTwitter


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