The Riveters EP – The Riveters

The latest release from The Riveters, an all female a cappella group out of Oakland, CA.

This EP is packed with a Justice League style roster, emotional and gut-wrenching music, and an answer to the question of “What could female a cappella be”. They’re strong, powerful, tender, and sexy. Let them open your heart and open your mind.

The Riveters are Sarah Vela, Courtney Jensen, Lisa Forkish, Moorea Dickason and Stevie Greenwell. “Jolene” arrangement by Lisa Forkish.

Recorded by Charlie Forkish at CCRMA Studios; Stanford, CA.
Edited by Charlie Forkish and Ted Trembinski.
Mixed and Mastered by Bill Hare Productions; Milpitas, CA.
Produced by The Riveters and Charlie Forkish.

Download: Loudr

Connect with The Riveters: FacebookTwitter


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