Put Your Hands on Me – Lady Jaye

The latest release from Lady Jaye, an all female a cappella group.

This group features a couple of my favorite ladies, including Ariel Arbisser of Frisky Business and Brianne Holland of The Vocal Company! While I often get to see groups like this working in the studio, I’m always looking for a piece of the action I can hop on the board and help out with. Luckily, Ariel needed someone to push some buttons for her as she let out her lead.

Edit: This track just got on Voices Only Forte IV! Huzzah!

I recorded Ariel on the lead. The rest of the track was recorded byBri Holland, Mike Jankowski, and Nic Parsons. It was edited by Bri Holland, mixed by Ed Boyer, and mastered by Dave Sperandio of Vocal Mastering.

Listen: LoudriTunes

Connect with Lady Jaye: FacebookTwitter


2 thoughts on “Put Your Hands on Me – Lady Jaye

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