Killa – The Frisky Business

The latest release from The Frisky Business, an a new duo made up of Johanna Vinson and Ariel Arbisser.

Early January 2014, I got to spend a weekend with two very close friends of mine. Ariel Arbisser invited Johanna Vinson and out to her family’s cabin in rural NY. Like most musicians, we found it hard to just “hang” for a few days and wound up getting creatively restless. What happened next was the first of the Brook Habah Sessions; The Frisky Business was formed. We had a blast making this for our friends and most importantly for ourselves. I hope you enjoy and encourage these two to keep making music!

I recorded, edited, and helped produce this track. Mixing was done by James Gammon. Mastering was done by Dave Sperandio of Vocal Mastering.

Listen: Soundcloud

Connect with The Frisky Business: Facebook, Twitter


2 thoughts on “Killa – The Frisky Business

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