Duality – After Hours

The latest release from After Hours, a co-ed a cappella group out of The University of Rochester, NY.

Having lived in Rochester for a few years, I have had an opportunity to see some local groups more than others. Similarly to seeing Syracuse’s Groovestand perform their set at ICCA, when I saw After Hours perform Samson at Eight Beat‘s concert a few semesters ago, I knew that this was a group I had to work with. Their arrangements span contemporary choral singing to the latest of a cappella tricks, all in an effort to serve a group of individually powerful voices. I’m particularly proud of Place to Fall, an original by Murray, a member of the group, which was adapted and recorded by the group with him on lead. Recording and mixing original a cappella music is always a joy – hoping to work on more in the near future!

I recorded, edited, and mixed tracks on this album. The rest of the production was done by both members of After Hours, as well as Dave Longo and Nick Lyons from The Vocal Company team. Mastering by Dave Sperandio of Vocal Mastering.

Buy: Loudr, iTunes

Connect with After Hours: Website, Facebook, Twitter


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