The Vocal Company Searches for Summer Collaborators

The following is a repost of The Vocal Company’s recent post calling for summer collaborators. I’m producing the project and couldn’t be more thrilled about it!

WEST HENRIETTA, New York (Thursday April 24, 2014) – The Vocal Company™ (TVC) searches for summer collaborators.

TVC is searching for four new groups of 4-6 currently enrolled or recently graduated college students for its Summer Collaboration Project: four week-long experiences designed to help groups last beyond college and change the face of contemporary a cappella with an intensive focus on content creation, distribution via new media, and fundraising strategies.

Taking place at TVC’s “Sled Dog ROC” facilities, located in West Henrietta, NY, each Collaboration Project features individualized production opportunities and business coaching with The Vocal Company CEO David Longo, Senior Producer Ted Trembinski, and other members of the team.

Mr. Longo and his team are hopeful this opportunity will act as an incubator to transform collegiate ideas into full-time professional opportunities.

To apply, small (c. 4-6 member) groups are invited to submit a YouTube video of themselves performing ONE song using the form below. Submissions must be received by 8:00pm EST May 16, 2014. Four groups will be chosen, one for each of four Collaboration Projects.


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