To Be Young and In Glove – Whiffenpoofs of Yale

The latest release from The Whiffenpoofs, a senior male a cappella group out of Yale University, CT.

What a joy and what an honor to be called up to do some work for the Whiffenpoofs. If you don’t know, The Whiffenpoofs are unlike most collegiate a cappella groups. In addition to being the generally oldest recognized collegiate a cappella group in the country, the group is unique in the way that it completely changes its roster on a year to year basis. While this was my first time working with the Whiffs, I had recorded six of the members on The SOBs’ Some Pig! or The Spizzwinks(?)’ Never Don’t Go.

I recorded and edited most of the leads on this album, as well as the backs on House of the Rising Sun. The rest of record was by Ed Boyer and Benji Goldsmith (the musical director). Additional editing by Russel Kamp. Mixing by Ed Boyer. Mastering by Dave Sperandio of Vocal Mastering.

Listen: Bandcamp

Connect with The Whiffenpoofs: Website, Facebook, Twitter


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