Awk-Appella – The Harpur Harpeggios

The latest release from The Harpur Harpeggios, or as I call them: The Pegs, an an all female a cappella group out of my alma mater, Binghamton University, NY.

While I was at Binghamton University, I participated in the all male a cappella group on campus: The Crosbys. If you have seen Pitch Perfect… well that kind of relationship between the boys and girls group was actually under exaggerated by a lot. That being said, I’m nothing but elated that The Pegs are dropping this collection of music. Hooray The Pegs!!

I recorded and edited a lot of this album. The rest of production was done by Dave Longo, Johnny DelToro, Nick Lyons, and Brandon Griffin for The Vocal Company. Mastering by Dave Sperandio of Vocal Mastering.

Buy: Loudr, iTunes

Connect with The Pegs: Facebook, TwitterYouTube


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