Stages – Ithacappella

The latest release from Ithacappella, an all male a cappella group out of Ithaca College.

Stages is a long concept that’s evolved over many people and players. At first, I was just excited that Ithacappella was choosing to come to Sled Dog ROC to record the project. It allowed them the opportunity to not only send us files and drop in on recording, but to sit with us at the board and really MAKE something. Many of my favorite parts of the album are not the “core guts”, but let’s be clear: the guts are great. The solos are full of character and life, the drums are thoughtful and eclectic, the bass and uppers working their angles to fill in the rest. I’m proud to have given up other things in my life to work on Stages, as I’ve already noticed myself listening to it in it’s entirety without even considering changing the station.

Dave Longo tracked/mixed most of the album. I edited the whole album and recorded/mixed the last song. Dave Sperandio mastered it.

Listen: iTunesLoudr, Spotify

Connect with Ithacappella: WebsiteFacebookTwitter


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