Derbyhaus – The Brown Derbies

The latest release from The Brown Derbies, an all male a cappella group out of Brown University in Providence, RI.

I got to track the last set of songs for the Derbies last spring. While I have been at Brown before, I hadn’t ever really spent time with the guys or bothered to learn anything past the facts that they _all_ wear hats. Surely a group like that couldn’t have a grip on what the people wanted. I mean… hats?! To my delight, they seemed to have even more than a grip on it than most people – perhaps the hats make them confront the audience head on early in their tenure and thus the group gets what is cool and what is “extra”. This album is one for the books.

I recorded, edited, and mixed a few tracks on this album. Additional recording by Overboard Productions. Additional editing by Brandon Griffin and mixing by Nick Lyons of TVC. Mastering by Dave Sperandio of Vocal Mastering.

Listen: Loudr

Connect with The Brown Derbies: WebsiteFacebook, Twitter


2 thoughts on “Derbyhaus – The Brown Derbies

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