From the Producer Chair: Ted’s Summer 1 of 3

The following is a repost of a blog I wrote for The Vocal Company’s detailing the first part of our summer collaborator program!

One of my favorite parts​ of a cappella is the spirit of competition. Competition to get in the group, competition to get the solo, competition to be the best group at the school, competition to be the best group in the world. Not only does that air of competition enable so many of us to challenge ourselves and each other, but rivalry also allows us to connect to other passionate creators. The air of competition breeds collaboration.
Since joining up with Dave Longo in 2011, we have consistently tried to breed a challenging atmosphere. We challenge each other to not only do the best work we can, but also stride towards the opportunities which will fulfill us the most. Starting out, we quickly realized that in a creative field like producing a cappella music, it was much easier to produce great results if we were in love with the content we were producing from the start. This past spring, The Vocal Company put out a call for collaborators to work with over the summer months. We wanted to challenge ourselves and some of our favorite people to create more content that we all could be proud of. Over the course of the summer we tried to get some space form other distractions and really sit in our initial motivation to be music producers: to make music we loved listening to.
Working with Craig Simonetti and The Hexachords on their first EP was nothing but a joy for me. They are a group born out of competition, with explicit goals of winning The ICCA. Their crowd-funded EP captures their sophomore set in competing in the competition.
For their collaboration with us this summer, we recorded three tracks. For the first release, we bring you their take on “Turn All the Lights On”. It is a pumped up ready to go call to action from the group to not only get on the dance floor but to stay there all night long. “Hide and Seek” is the second track, an a cappella favorite. Explicitly aware of it’s place in the a cappella cannon, we mixed the track with both the whole group and each of the Sled Dog ROC producers having a hand on deck. “Call Me” was the newest song to the group, as we settled on it and arranged it in studio, a new challenge put forth towards the group. I’m extremely proud of the content produced from this collaboration and excited for you to listen to the finished product.
The Hexachords are: Craig Simonetti, Matt Chastain, Xander Teplansky, Chris Godden, Katy Geraghty, Anna Morsillo
TVC contributors: Ted Trembinski, Dave Longo, Angela Ugolini, Johnny Stewart.


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