If The Creek Don’t Rise – Next Level Summer 2014

The latest release from Next Level Summer 2014, which took place at Sled Dog ROC in Rochester, NY.

NLARORA featured two of Arora’s members as lead instructors for our first Arranging seminar of summer 2014: Christopher Harrison and Rachel Bearer. We got to talking about vibe, listened to some songs that moved us, and experienced some music in a way that we all came to know as essential. During this seminar, the group arranged and tracked a cover of Dylan LeBlanc’s If The Creek Don’t Rise. I think it came out quite well, featuring Chris and Rachel on some baller leads. While I’ve had the backgrounds described to me as “almost too much”, I challenge the listener to find the story in the forest. Each part can sing it’s own song if listened to closely enough.

I got to produce this track with NLARORA. It was mastered by Dave Sperandio for Vocal Mastering.

Listen: Loudr, Soundcloud

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2 thoughts on “If The Creek Don’t Rise – Next Level Summer 2014

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