Bang Bang – Next Level Summer 2014

The latest release from Next Level Summer 2014, which took place at Sled Dog ROC in Rochester, NY.

The last track I got to work on from this summer collab, this was one of the craziest sessions to be a part of. Rarely is Sled Dog ROC, but also rarely has it been so full of non-stop music. There was always a stead stream of belting from this group, much of which wound up on the final track. It was dope getting to walk through some of my favorite charts with both ICCA dominating Shams and arranger for The Sing Off: Ben Bram. It’s honestly one of the most fun tracks I’ve gotten to be a part of in a while. Give it a spin!

I got recorded and edited a bit of this track. The rest was produced by David Longo, Angela Ugolini and Brianne Holland. It was mastered by Dave Sperandio for Vocal Mastering.

Listen: Loudr, Soundcloud

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