Maps – Next Level Summer 2014

The latest release from Next Level Summer 2014, which took place at Sled Dog ROC in Rochester, NY.

I’ve known of Rob Dietz’s work for a long time. We both went to upstate NY schools for college and were in similar all-male college a cappella groups. Being able to work alongside him and finish the vision he started to inspire was nothing but a delight. He is a true teacher, motivating those around him to get to the core of what they’re trying to do – I know I took a bit out of working on this track.

Edit: This track just got on Voices Only Forte IV! Huzzah!

The track was arranged by/at NLAROB. I recorded (most) of it, as well as edited and mixed it. It was mastered by Dave Sperandio for Vocal Mastering.

Listen: Loudr, Soundcloud

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2 thoughts on “Maps – Next Level Summer 2014

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