Find You – Jon Smith

The latest release from Jon Smith, production intern for The Vocal Company; an a cappella studio based out of Rochester, NY.

This is Jon’s first project during his internship here at Sled Dog ROC for The Vocal Company. Not only did he sing all of these parts but he looks DAMN good while he does it. We were rock’n and roll’n as we recorded this track and have been dancing in and out of the studio ever since. I can’t wait to get back to work with Jon, seeing what new techniques we can use to make even cooler music!

Edit: This track just got on Voices Only Forte IV! Huzzah!

Jon and I arranged this track in the studio. I recorded and edited it. Dave Longo mixed it. It was mastered by Eric Scholz. Danny Olefsky did the cover art and also the video too!

Listen: LoudrSoundcloud, YouTube

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