Stay With Me – Vocal Point

The latest release from Vocal Point, a co-ed a cappella group out of University of Deleware.

This is the first track I’ve gotten to work on of Vocal Points, following their last release they did with TVC, Momentum. Since then, their former MD, Jon Smith, has signed on with TVC as our 2014-15 intern. When I heard him and Longo were heading down to Delaware to record the group, I knew it was something I’d have to be a part of. I’m super pumped about this release (Matt’s solo was stuck in my head for weeks following) and I can’t wait for the world to hear the rest of the songs that were tracked that weekend!

I edited this track. Jon Smith arranged it, Dave Longo recorded it, Nick Lyons mixed it, and Dave Sperandio mastered it.

Listen: LoudrSoundcloudiTunes

Connect with Vocal Point: WebsiteFacebookTwitter


2 thoughts on “Stay With Me – Vocal Point

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