Semi-Toned – Semi-Toned

The latest release from Semi-Toned, an all male a cappella group out of Exeter University.

This is the first UK release I’ve worked on since TVC’s 2014 summer intern, Jonny Stewart, returned home from housing with us at Sled Dog ROC. He fit right in with these guys, coaxing some great performances out of a really energetic group. I was happy to get on this project and can’t wait to work with him more. In the meantime, I’m excited that Semi-Toned funded their Kickstarter to tour the US! Hope to meet these guys soon.

I edited Cheating and mixed Motion Picture Soundtrack. The EP was recorded and otherwise edited by Jonny Stewart. Dave Longo otherwise mixed the project. Dave Sperandio of Vocal Mastering mastered it.

Listen: Loudr

Connect with Semi-Toned: WebsiteFacebookTwitter


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