Stages (The Film) – Ithacappella

The latest release from Ithacappella, an all male a cappella group out of Ithaca College.

If there’s one thing that I like more than projects full of music that is close to my heart, it’s to see videos set to that music. Stages (The Film) is a crowdfunded indie short film based on the album by Ithacappella. It was a true team effort to make, with months of planning, shooting, and post production; it was a true labor beyond just making the album. I’m not only happy that this music will get to reach more people on this platform, but that Dan can use his group as a vehicle to further his passion for film. I’m proud of him and the rest of the guys on this, their first project like this.

Dave Longo tracked/mixed most of the album. I edited the whole album and recorded/mixed the last song. Dave Sperandio mastered it. Dan Purcell was point on the video.

Listen: iTunesLoudr, Spotify, YouTube

Connect with Ithacappella: WebsiteFacebookTwitter

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