Should’ve Been Us – Create!

The latest release from Create!, which took place at Starry Night Studios in Spring, TX.

Create! was a two day long intensive seminar, organized by Colin Adams. Before we had even gotten to Texas, Pearce Illmer arranged a banging chart for the song we were planning on tackling. Day one was spent recording and tweaking, giving everyone a chance at the desk as well as on the mic. Day two was full of editing and mixing, diving into both the sonic structure of how to build a mix but also what creative tools and ideas we could play with. This track is free for download so pick it up now and put it on your iPhone.

I got to work on the singing, recording, editing, and mixing of this track alongside the other participants of Create!: Bri Holland, Colin Adams, Pearce Illmer, and Genevieve Legris. It was mastered by Dave Sperandio for Vocal Mastering.

Listen: Loudr, Soundcloud

Connect with Starry Night Studios: WebsiteFacebook


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