XO – WACA Collab Track 2015

The latest release from SheSings 2015 which was put on by WACA in 2015.

WACA, for the uninitiated, is The Women’s A Cappella Association. For the last few years, the organization has been producing a festival: SheSings. Ever since I attended the first SheSings, I realized it was a breeding ground for exploration, celebration, and communication of what is happening with women in a cappella. This year, I was able to assist Bri Holland in the production of their collaborative track. It features many of the amazing performers from the festival: it’s a true treat for any a cappella fan.

I got to sing a little bit on some of the backgrounds of this track. I also got to help engineer some of the recording at the festival. Bri Holland arranged, produced, recorded, edited, and mixed this track. Dave Sperandio mastered it.

Listen: Loudr, Soundcloud

Read more about the production of this track here.

Connect with WACA: WebsiteFacebookTwitter


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