To Build A Home – Ithacappella

The latest release from Ithacappella, an all male a cappella group out of Ithaca College.

To Build A Home is the third project I’ve worked on with Ithacappella, a group I’ve known of since my days at Binghamton University. It was the project that I was most involved with too. It was a blast too – most of the guys I’ve been in touch with are starting lifetime careers as musicians, musicians that I suggest you look up and follow. Dave Allen, the group’s musical director and album’s producer, won best Best Collegiate Arrangement for the 2016 CARA for his arraignment of ‘Madness’. Also ‘Money On My Mind’ was selected for the Best of Collegiate A Cappella compilation, BOCA 2016.

This was the last project I got to record at Sled Dog Studios before moving out. I tracked and edited the album. It was mixed by The Vocal Company. Dave Sperandio mastered it.

Listen: iTunesLoudr, Spotify

Connect with Ithacappella: WebsiteFacebookTwitter


2 thoughts on “To Build A Home – Ithacappella

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