Scape Effect

The latest release from Scape Effect, an a collegiate a cappella collaboration from students at Vassar College.

After starting to work with smaller professional a cappella groups at The Vocal Company, I realized that what I loved about vocal music wasn’t just the power you got from 20 people belting at once, but the connection between singers. The summer of 2014 brought me that opportunity, allowing me to invite some of the best small college groups we could find to Sled Dog Studios to collaborate. This collaboration was put together by Hannah Tobias and Matt Goldstein, members of The Vassar Devils, and includes other Vassar students as well as TVC intern at the time, Jonny Stewart. Mama Knows Best and Something Good are the first two track of that collaboration to drop. Something Good, a 2016 CARA Best Collaborative / Studio Project Song Nominee, was written and arranged by Hannah Tobias and soloed by Jacob Damsky.

I recorded, edited, and mixed these two tracks. Dave Sperandio mastered them.

Listen: iTunes, Loudr

Connect with Scape Effect: Soundcloud


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