One Minute Jazz Orchestra ft. Ted Trembinski & Cole Citrenbaum

The latest release from One Minute Jazz Orchestra, a YouTube collaboration by Jacob Mann.

While making music is something I spend a lot of time doing, going to see live music is one of my favorite past times. While at a Jacob Collier show, I overheard some people talking about a Joey Dosik show I had been at a few days before. I turned around and mentioned I had been there and loved it only to find out that Jacob Mann was there too – he had opened the Joey Dosik show with Jack Stratton as Vulfmon (and later guested at Jacob Collier’s show). LA is a small town full of musicians who are ripe for collaboration. Another one of those musicians is Cole, who is constantly around our apartment via writing songs with our roommate for their band, Opia. This is a video we shot in their downtime, which Jacob and the One Minute Orchestra finished scoring.

I played shaker on the track. Cole Citrenbaum played toy guitar. Jacob Mann did the rest.

Watch: YouTube

Connect with One Minute Jazz Orchestra: BandCamp,YouTube


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