Singing for Orlando – “It’s Quiet Downtown”

A special release from Orlando locals, including some University of Central Florida students.

In the wake of a tragedy, what do you do with yourself? Days before the Orlando shooting at Pulse Nightclub, I found myself on the phone with the musical director of Orlando based a cappella group KeyHarmony. I was heading down there to record with them for their upcoming album. We talked about what we felt, what we thought, and what we would do. Thankfully, by the time I got down there, only days after the shooting, members of KeyHarmony and the Orlando community gathered to sing together. Not to make this video, but simply to look each other in the eye, hold hands, and sing together. It was a powerful and loving experience to be apart of. This is a special community which will not be brought down by violence and hate.

I sung in the video and did a little post on the audio. Thanks to Taylor Made for the video and Chelsea Faye for organizing this.

Watch: YouTube


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