Runnin – David Mason ft. Nate Tao

The latest release from David Mason ft. Nate Tao, a musician out of Los Angeles, CA.

Fun fact: like many musicians I’ve collaborated with in the past few years, I first was alerted to the voices of David Mason and Nate Tao because of their involvement in a cappella groups. Specifically, both are alumni of Ithacappella. Actually, David and I worked together on the groups last release, To Build A Home; he was the musical director, I recorded and edited the project. He has since forth graduated and is now producing electronic music. Nate and David wrote this song, and then I got to record it with Nate in Los Angeles before David stuttered and mixed it back into this track. Check out the rest of the album to hear more Ithacappella alumni sing as well as a vocal from David himself.

I recorded the vocals. The track was produced by David Mason.

Listen: Soundcloud, iTunesSpotify

Follow David Mason: Facebook, Twitter
ollow Nate Tao: Facebook, Twitter


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