JOE DART Visualizations

Joe. Dart. On. The. Fen-der. Bass.

Have you heard of the band Vulfpeck? If you’ve handed me an aux cord in the past year, it’s likely we’ve listened to at least one or two of their tunes. Personally discovering them around last Christmas (my first in Los Angeles) and seeing them live at The Teragram have been markers in another year devoted to music.

But Vulf isn’t just a band, it’s a multimedia experience. Without realizing it, I had already seen (and loved) a few videos on the Vulf YouTube, The James Jamerson visualizations. Visualization of music, specifically bass lines, was something I’d been interested in since High School Jazz Choir. I was shocked that a fellow bass could barely read the score, but if I moved my hands up and down he could sing along with relative ease. Recently while working on another project, I realized that Jack Stratton had employed Stephen Malinowski’s Music Animation Machine, a piece of software which was developed to bring animation to static renderings of music (specifically MIDI). After busting out my Dell XPS computer (last opened in 2012) and installing the right screen capture software, I realized I too could visualize music.

Without hesitation I set out to transcribe some licks from my favorite band of 2016, specifically, I was ready to transcribe Joe Dart on the Fender Bass. I chose one song off of each of Vulfpeck’s releases and set to work. A few days later, I present the playlist: JOE DART Visualizations.

Watch: YouTube

5 thoughts on “JOE DART Visualizations

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