BACK POCKET /// Mr Talkbox x MonoNeon x Vulfmon (Bass Visualization)

It. Gets. Funkier.

Hot on the heels of the heels of the releasing Visualizing Joe Dart, I realized we needed to go deeper; we needed to get funkier. Who is funkier than Joe Dart? One bass player comes to mind; MonoNeon. MonoNeon is a bass player that I’ve been following on YouTube for several years. His manifesto promotes daily self practice in a way that inspires me every time I read it.

Part of MonoNeon’s practice is playing along to other YouTube videos. For this project, I thought a perfect fit would be the video in which he played along with Mr. Talkbox’s cover of Vulfpeck’s Back Pocket, especially because Vulfmon did a re-cut of it which was also posted to YouTube. In my mind, and in the minds of many, it is considered the Greatest Cover Of All Time (GCOAT).

Follow the dots and lines of MonoNeon’s bass line, transcribed by me, and generated by Stephen Malinowski’s Animation Machine, as they whiz by this tremendous YouTube collaboration.

Watch: YouTube

One thought on “BACK POCKET /// Mr Talkbox x MonoNeon x Vulfmon (Bass Visualization)

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