Vulfpeck /// The Sweet Science (Mushy Visualization)

What happens after it gets funkier? Continued improvements – that’s what. Working on these Joe Dart Visualizations inspired me to continue to think about how I visualize the music that I love. While listening to the latest Vulfpeck album, I had a visions. That vision was none other than Jack Stratton’s alter-ego, Mushy Krongold, bopping up and down to ‘The Beautiful Game’s opening track, ‘The Sweet Science’.

I knew what I wanted to hear – now I just needed to see it through. While Stephen Malinowski’s software enabled me to plot lines, shapes, and dots, I had a more specific vision for what this animation should look like. Downloading the latest version of Xcode, I laced back up my computer programming boots and dove in. A few hours and cups of coffee later, I was turning MIDI into graphics.

Follow along with Mushy’s bouncing shofar, transcribed and animated by me.

Watch: YouTube

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