Bobby McFerrin /// Blackbird [Live] (Visualization)

Bobby McFerrin is an undeniable prince of vocal music. He is a prolific arranger, collaborator, composer, and above all, singer. His singable range is only exceeded by the range of styles he collects and borrows from in performance. Bobby’s rendition of Blackbird has always captivated me. To this day, thirty-three years after its release, I would still classify it as the definitive “one-man-a-cappella-arrangement”.

Again for this project, I have employed my own music animation software, originally inspired by Stephen Malinowski’s software. Feeding my transcription of Bobby’s performance and my favorite picture of Bobby’s head into one end, we arrive at this video as the result.

Sing along to Bobby’s bouncing head, transcribed and animated by me.

Watch: YouTube

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