Butterfly /// Mariah Carey (Vocal Visualization)

This is a follow up to my visualization of Mariah Carey’s I Am Free. I chose to animate this song based on YouTube user, Bren Karl’s suggestion on that first Mariah animation. One of the redeeming qualities of a comments section is that it can often point you to new and exciting ideas. Thanks Bren!

One exciting update on this project is that I am no longer using my old Dell XPS to animate. Instead, I’ve managed to run Malinowski’s software on my MacBook Pro using Wine. While I knew this was possible in the past, I only mustered enough patience to sit down and figure out how to make it work after deciding an increase in frame rate could seriously help these animations.

Follow the shapes of Mariah’s vocals, transcribed by me and generated by Stephen Malinowski’s Animation Machine, as they whiz by.

Watch: YouTube

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