Vocal Groups:
Ball in the House (Boston, MA)
Capital Blend (Washington D.C.)
Citizen Queen (Los Angeles, CA)
The Choir of Man (UK)
Committed (Huntsville, Alabama)
Cut-Off (Rochester, NY)
DCappella (Los Angeles, CA)
Element (New York City, NY)
EVOC (Las Vegas, NV)
The Exchange
The Executive Board (Rochester, NY)
Flashback (Los Angeles, CA)
#Fourty4B (Los Angeles, CA)
Frisky Business
In Transit (New York City, NY)
 (Philadelphia, PA)
Lady Jaye
Legacy (Los Angeles, CA)
Melbourne Gospel Choir (Melbourne, AUS)
MICappella (Singapore)
Motive (Denver, CO)
Pentatonix (Los Angeles, CA)
The Quad (Los Angeles, CA)
The Riveters (Oakland, CA)
SanFran6 (San Fransisco, CA)
Six13 (New York City, NY)
SoundBYTES (Seattle, WA)
Vocalight (Dayton, OH)

College/High School A Cappella:
A Cappella Academy (Los Angeles, CA)
Academical Village People (University of Virginia, VA)
(Florida State University, FL)
Achordants (University of North Carolina, NC)
Acoustics (Boston College, MA)
Acoustikats (University of Kentucky, KY)
After Dark (Washington University, MO)
After Hours (University of Rochester, NY)
After School Specials (Claremont College, CA)
All The King’s Men (King’s College, UK)
Asli Baat (The University of Southern California, CA)
Bear Necessities (Brown University, RI)
Belles (University of Virginia, VA)
Binghamtonics (Binghamton University, NY)
Bison Chips (Bucknell University, PA)
Blue in the FACE (Penn State University, PA)
Brick City Singers (Rochester Institute of Technology, NY)
Buffers (Hamilton College, NY)
Buffoons (University of Colorado, CO)
Cadence (University of North Carolina, NC)
Chi Rho (Wake Forest University, NC)
CHoosE (University of Virginia, VA)
Chordials (University of Connecticut, CT)
Conn-Men (University of Connecticut, CT)
Counterpoint (Stanford University, CA)
Crosbys (Binghamton University, NY)
Derbies (Brown University, RI)
Devils (Vassar College, NY)
Duelly Noted (Hamilton College, NY)
Eight Beat Measure (Rochester Institute of Technology, NY)
Exit 245 (James Madison University, VA)
Expansion (Christopher Newport University, VA)
Faux Paz (University of Maryland, MD)
FReestyle (Franklin Regional HS, PA)
Groovestand (Syracuse University, NY)
Hangovers (Cornell University, NY)
Harpur Harpeggios
(Binghamton University, NY)
Hexachords (University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA)
Innuendo (Wake Forest University, NC)
Ithacappella (Ithaca College, NY)
Jabberwocks (Brown University, RI)
Kaskeset (Binghamton University, NY)
KeyHarmony (University of Central Florida, FL)
Kol Sasson (University of Maryland, MD)
Kranti (Johns Hopkins University, MD)
Last Call (Cornell University, NY)
Maccabeats (Yeshiva University, NY)
Mainsqueeze (Syracuse University, NY)
Melodores (Vanderbilt University, TN)
Men In Drag (University of Chicago, IL)
Mix (University of Colorado Denver, CO)
Mixed Company (Yale University, CT)
Mixed Emotions (Virginia Tech, VA)
New Dominions (University of Virginia, VA)
Not Too Sharp (University of New Hampshire, NH)
Note-oriety (James Madison University, VA)
Note To Self (Binghamton University, NY)
Off The Cuff (University of Richmond, VA)
OneVoice (Briarcrest Christian School, TN)
Out of the Blue (Oxford, UK)
Out of the Blue (Yale University, CT)
Orange Appeal (Syracuse University, NY)
Overtones (James Madison University, VA)
Petal Points (High Point University, NC)
Pitches (SUNY Potsdam, NY)
Redhot & Blue (Yale University, CT)
Rhythm Method (Binghamton University, NY)
Run for Cover (University of Chicago, IL)
S’Madar (Columbia University, NY)
Scape Effect (Vassar College, NY)
Semi-Toned (University of Exeter, UK)
ShireiNU (Northwestern University, IL)
Silhouettes (Bucknell University, PA)
Sil’hooettes (University of Virginia, VA)
Sirens (University of Richmond, VA)
SoCal VoCals (The University of Southern California, CA)
Society of Orpheus & Bacchus (Yale University, CT)
Something Extra (Yale University, CT)
Soul2Soul (Miami University, OH)
SoundProof (Kansas City High School, KS)
Southern Gentlemen (Southern Methodist University, TX)
Spizzwinks(?) (Yale University, CT)
Taal (Purdue University, IN)
Tizmoret (Queens College, NY)
Touchtones (Cornell University, NY)
Tritones (University of California: San Diego, CA)
Unisons (Northeastern University, MA)
Veritones (Harvard University, MA)
Vocal Point (University of Delaware, DE)
Vocal Point (University of Rochester, NY)
Voices in Your Head (University of Chicago, IL)
Whiffenpoofs (Yale University, CT)
Wolfgang (North Carolina State University, NC)
Y Studs (Yeshiva University, NY)
Yellow Jackets (University of Rochester, NY)

Artists, Bands, & Projects:
Ben Bram
Bounce Patrol
Bri Holland
Charlie Arthur
Ed Boyer
Gift of Harmony
Instant Treeline
Jon Smith
Jonny Stewart
Mark Farnum
Music Animation Machine
Rob Operman
That’s Dope
Will Leet

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