I Don’t Think About You – Not Too Sharp

The latest release from Not Too Sharp, an a cappella group out from The University of New Hampshire.

I edited the track. Jim McCann recorded and produced it. Ed Boyer mixed it. Dave Sperandio mastered it. It was arranged by Johnny DelToro.

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On The Bumpy Road – Whiffenpoofs of Yale

The latest release from The Whiffenpoofs, a senior male a cappella group out of Yale University.

The Whiffenpoofs are a new group each and every year, comprised of seniors from the various groups at Yale. Not only do they travel the world, but are known for a few of their original songs, like The Whiffenpoof Song. Check out musical director, Solon Snider’s original song, I’m Ready Now. It is a worthy addition to the one hundred and eight years of repertoire.

I edited six of the tracks. Recording and the rest of the editing by Alex Green and Alex Koutzoukis. Mixing by Ed Boyer. Mastering by Dave Sperandio.

Listen: Bandcamp

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Ariana: Dangerous Woman – Album Breakdown – Vocalight

The latest release from Vocalight, a professional a cappella group from Dayton, Ohio.

Ben Spalding is the kind of person you hear about, then hear about again, then meet, and then keep hearing about. His passion for fostering a cappella is one that is evident in the projects it yields and the young people it motivates. Vocalight is one of his newest a cappella formations, which has been taking the internet by storm, video after video. After Ben contacted me to work on this, I doubled down on my high enthusiasm when I realized Rob Dietz had arranged a swing-shifting, album-spanning medley.

I edited the song. It was arranged by Rob Dietz, recorded by Justin Crichfield, mixed by Ed Boyer, and mastered by Dave Sperandio. Rachel Chalhoub cut the video.

Watch: YouTube

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