A Cappella Academy 2015 – A Cappella Academy

The latest release from A Cappella Academy, an a cappella summer program out of Los Angeles, CA.

The concept of A Cappella Academy sounds like something out of a Disney TV movie. Two of the arrangers and one of the stars of a popular a cappella TV show form a camp for high school students. On top of that, they bring in all of their (good looking and talented) friends to sing, love, and learn. If you think that sounds nice, you need to take a listen to these tracks, because they sound amazing. Since moving to LA, more people use the A Cappella Academy showcase as a point of reference for a cappella than any other concert/event/show/video. Seriously – these kids are amazing.

I edited two of these tracks; Cowboy Take Me Away and Tori Medley. Mixing by Ed Boyer.

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