Passionate and inventive, Ted Trembinski has a varied background in the entertainment industry as a vocal producer, mixer, and recording engineer.

After graduating with a dual degree in Music and Economics from Binghamton University, Ted moved to Rochester, NY to begin his career in the music industry. As a studio engineer at The Vocal Company, he contributed to producing, recording, editing, and mixing over 500 songs. In 2015, he moved to Los Angeles, CA. He has since worked as a freelance studio engineer on projects for RCA, Warner Records, Decca, Universal Music, Walt Disney Records, as well as hundreds of independent artist releases.

Ted is known for his work recording and engineering a cappella groups like Pentatonix and DCappella. Ted has produced thousands of individual vocalists both in the studio and as an engineer in post-production. His passion for experimenting with vocals keeps his projects sounding both fresh and familiar.

When studios shut down in 2020, Ted provided support to artists and creative teams. He brainstormed creative ways to record, produced remote sessions, and equipped his collaborators with solutions to continue creating music.

In the studio, Ted keeps production moving, delivering high quality audio, leading engaging recording sessions, and always delivering timely and polished final mixes. He is dedicated to creating a more accessible and diverse entertainment industry.

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