Production Credits

2023 The Masked Singer Season 9 Ep 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14 (Post Performance Audio Engineer)
2023 Sheer Element “Hold On, We’re Going Home” (Recording Engineer, Engineer)
2023 DCappella, Grayson Villanueva, Jordan Fisher, Topher Ngo “Nobody Like U” (Engineer)

2022 DCappella “Home for the Holidays” (Engineer)
2022 Pentatonix “VEEPS Live at the Hollywood Bowl” (Engineer)
2022 Pentatonix “Holidays Around the World” (Engineer)
2022 Naturally 7 “Friends and Family” (Engineer)
2022 MIYAVI “Strike It Out” (Engineer)
2022 KC A Cappella “A Reason to Rise” (Engineer)
2022 MIYAVI “Futurism” (Engineer)
2022 Nissy “HOCUS POCUS 3” (Engineer)
2022 DWY “Self-Contained” (Engineer)
2022 OLDCODEX “Dried Up Youthful Fame – Version:Free” (Engineer)
2022 DCappella “Magic Reimagined (Japan Edition)” (Recording Engineer, Engineer)

2021 Diane Warren, Jon Batiste, Pentatonix “Sweet” (Engineer)
2021 Citizen Queen “Don’t Call Me Angel” (Engineer)
2021 AmEx “Let’s Go Shop Small Campaign” (Engineer)
2021 Bryson Tiller, Pentatonix “The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)” (Engineer)
2021 Pentatonix “Evergreen” (Engineer)
2021 Straight No Chaser, Kenny Loggins “Celebrate Me Home” (Engineer)
2021 DCappella “Broadway is Back Medley” (Engineer)
2021 Citizen Queen “Killing Me Softly” (Engineer)
2021 MIYAVI, Kimbra “Imaginary” (Engineer)
2021 Pentatonix “Butter x Dynamite” (Engineer)
2021 KC A Cappella “Let The Light In” (Engineer)
2021 Nissy “Do Do” (Engineer)
2021 Pentatonix “The Lucky Ones” (Engineer)
2021 Nissy “Say Yes” (Engineer)
2021 Pentatonix “90s Dance Medley” (Engineer)
2021 BYU Vocal Point “Grace” (Engineer)
2021 DWY “8-Bit Memories” (Engineer)

2020 SUPER☆DRAGON “Burn It Black e.p.” (Engineer)
2020 Pentatonix, Little Glee Monster “Dear My Friend” (Engineer)
2020 James Delaney “Morose Gentleness” (Engineer, Mix Engineer)
2020 Pentatonix “We Need A Little Christmas” (Engineer)
2020 Naturally 7 “20/20” (Engineer)
2020 Pentatonix “National Anthem” (Engineer)
2020 Straight No Chaser “Social Christmasing” (Engineer)
2020 Pentatonix “Mad World” (Engineer)
2020 Berklee Pitch Slapped “See You Again” (Engineer)
2020 KC A Cappella “Born Unstoppable” (Engineer)
2020 Citizen Queen “Free Your Mind” (Engineer)
2020 DCappella “All Ears” (Recording Engineer, Engineer)
2020 Pentatonix “At Home” (Engineer)
2020 BYU Vocal Point “Vocal Point” (Engineer)
2020 Rei Yasuda “through the dark” (Engineer)
2020 The Filharmonic “Affiliations, Vol. 2” (Engineer)
2020 DCappella “All I Want” (Recording Engineer, Engineer)
2020 Citizen Queen “YouTube #LoveNotes” (Recording Engineer, Engineer, Mix Engineer)
2020 Acapop! KIDS “ACAPOP1” (Engineer)
2020 Citizen Queen “Whack World Medley” (Engineer)
2020 DCappella “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat” (Recording Engineer, Engineer)
2020 The Late Late Show with James Corden “1999 v 2019 Riff-Off w/ Camila Cabello” (Engineer)

2019 Citizen Queen “bad guy” (Engineer)
2019 Pentatonix “The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration” (Engineer)
2019 Citizen Queen “Señorita” (Engineer)
2019 DCappella “DCappella Japan Tour” (Engineer)
2019 Straight No Chaser “Open Bar” (Engineer)
2019 Bing Crosby, Pentatonix, London Symphony Orchestra “White Christmas” (Engineer)
2019 Walmart Sparks Talent “SparkAppella Holiday” (Recording Engineer, Engineer)
2019 Citizen Queen “Good As Hell” (Engineer)
2019 DCappella “Speechless” (Recording Engineer, Engineer)
2019 Microsoft the Musical “Microsoft the Musical” (Engineer)
2019 BoA “Wishing Well” (Engineer)
2019 Citizen Queen “No Tears Left to Cry” (Engineer)
2019 Bounce Patrol “Dance Party!” (Engineer)
2019 Citizen Queen “Lost in Japan” (Engineer)
2019 Walmart’s SparkAppella, Cupid “The Walmart Shuffle” (Engineer)
2019 Citizen Queen “Best Part” (Engineer)
2019 The Late Late Show with James Corden “Riff-Off w/ Smokey Robinson” (Engineer)
2019 Pentatonix “Pretender” (Engineer)
2019 DCappella “Rockin’ Holiday” (Engineer)
2019 Pentatonix “The Best of Pentatonix Christmas” (Engineer)
2019 Goldwash “Flat Earth Surf Club” (Engineer)
2019 Cappella, JD McCrary “Ready for This” (Engineer)
2019 Haruma Miura “Fight for your heart” (Engineer)
2019 USC SoCal VoCals “Lion King Medley” (Engineer)
2019 Matt Bloyd “Be Prepared/One of Us” (Engineer)
2019 PRIZMAX “FRNKSTN” (Engineer)
2019 Pentatonix “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” (Recording Engineer, Engineer)
2019 KC A Cappella “Made for More” (Engineer)
2019 Pentatonix “Shallow” (Engineer)
2019 Pentatonix “Waving Through a Window” (Engineer)
2019 Pentatonix “You Make My Dreams” (Engineer)
2019 Pentatonix “The Sound of Silence” (Engineer)
2019 Citizen Queen “Evolution of Girl Groups” (Engineer)

2018 The Yale Whiffenpoofs “Up in the Air” (Engineer)
2018 Citizen Queen “Lost in Japan” (Engineer)
2018 Penatonix “Pentatonix: A Not So Silent Night” (Engineer)
2018 Citizen Queen “This Christmas” (Engineer)
2018 Citizen Queen “No Tears Left To Cry” (Engineer)
2018 DCappella “DCappella” (Engineer)
2018 Pentatonix “Christmas Is Here!” (Engineer)
2018 Baird “BIRDSONGS, Vol. 1) (Engineer)
2018 USC SoCal VoCals “V” (Engineer)
2018 Charlie Arthur’s Adapted for Six Voices “Lovesick” (Recording Engineer, Engineer)
2018 Bounce Patrol “Nursery Rhymes” (Engineer)
2018 DCappella “Incredibles 2 Soundtrack” (Engineer)
2018 KC A Cappella “Found” (Engineer)
2018 MICappella “Chinese Movie Medley” (Engineer, Mix Engineer)
2018 Pentatonix “PTX Presents: Top Pop, Vol. 1” (Engineer)
2018 Sean Patrick Gallagher “Danny Boy” (Engineer)
2018 Bounce Patrol “Kids Songs” (Engineer)
2018 Flashback “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore” (Engineer)

2017 Episode Squad “Episode Unplugged: An A Cappella Soundtrack” (Engineer)
2017 Flashback “New Rules” (Engineer)
2017 Flashback “Attention” (Engineer)
2017 Goldwash “Episode” (Engineer)
2017 A Cappella Academy “A Cappella Academy 2016” (Engineer)
2017 In Transit “In Transit: Broadway’s First A Cappella Musical” (Engineer)

2016 midnight, The Internet “Native America” (Recording Engineer)
2016 A Cappella Academy “A Cappella Academy 2015” (Engineer)
2016 The Yale Whiffenpoofs “Last Call” (Engineer)

2015 Committed “The Christmas Song” (Engineer)
2015 midnight “XII Labors” (Recording Engineer)
2015 SanFran6 “Chandelier / Diamonds” (Recording Engineer, Engineer)
2015 Frisky Business “Grown Woman” (Recording Engineer, Engineer, Arranger)

2014 Frisky Business “Let Go (Breakdown)” (Recording Engineer, Engineer, Mix Engineer, Arranger)
2014 Jon Smith “Vuelie” (Recording Engineer, Engineer, Mix Engineer)
2014 Frisky Business “Killa” (Recording Engineer, Engineer, Arranger)
2014 Jon Smith “Find You” (Recording Engineer, Engineer, Arranger)


2010 Binghamton University: BS Economics, BA Music
– Mu Phi Epsilon (Founding Member)
– Binghamon Crosbys (President)
– Kaskeset (Vice President, Assistant Musical Director)

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