#LoveNotes – Citizen Queen

#LoveNotes РCitizen Queen (RCA Records) for YouTube

Recording, Vocal Engineering and Mixing by Ted Trembinski


I Don’t Think About You – Not Too Sharp

The latest release from Not Too Sharp, an a cappella group out from The University of New Hampshire.

I edited the track. Jim McCann recorded and produced it. Ed Boyer mixed it. Dave Sperandio mastered it. It was arranged by Johnny DelToro.

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Some Nights – The Choir of Man

The latest release from The Choir of Man, an all male singing experience out of the United Kingdom.

There are few things that whip a crowd into shape like young men singing. The Choir of Man is a new group in the UK which is going to be whipping crowds nonstop. If there¬†are two things I’m always down for, it’s a pint and a song.

I edited the vocals. The track was produced by Jack Blume.

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Change – FReestyle

The latest release from FReestyle, an a cappella summer program, founded and directed by Bri Holland in Pittsburgh, PA.

This track is the work of the fifth annual FReestyle summer program. This was the third year I got to be involved in the program. This year, I again not only got to talk about recording and workshop the students on their arrangements, but I also got to work with each student individually, tracking their part for this single. It was a pleasure getting to know these young people and seeing them grow as a musical community.

As a note – All of the proceeds from sales of this track go straight back into funding an even better program for the kids at Franklin Regional Schools this coming summer.

I recorded this track and edited the video. Bri Holland arranged, edited, and mixed it. It was masted by Dave Sperandio.

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Ariana: Dangerous Woman – Album Breakdown – Vocalight

The latest release from Vocalight, a professional a cappella group from Dayton, Ohio.

Ben Spalding is the kind of person you hear about, then hear about again, then meet, and then keep hearing about. His passion for fostering a cappella is one that is evident in the projects it yields and the young people it motivates. Vocalight is one of his newest a cappella formations, which has been taking the internet by storm, video after video. After Ben contacted me to work on this, I doubled down on my high enthusiasm when I realized Rob Dietz had arranged a swing-shifting, album-spanning medley.

I edited the song. It was arranged by Rob Dietz, recorded by Justin Crichfield, mixed by Ed Boyer, and mastered by Dave Sperandio. Rachel Chalhoub cut the video.

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All I Want For Christmas Is You (Baby Please Come Home) – SanFran6

The latest release from SanFran6, a professional a cappella group you might have seen on Season 4¬†of NBC’s The Sing Off.

The only thing sweeter than deserts at the holidays is sharing those deserts with people you care about. I was delighted to take a trip to Alameda Island as these guys recorded this track. It was one half video shoot, one half holiday get together. I know this gets thrown around a lot, but #RLPP.

I recorded and produced the audio. The video was shot by Jamie Palochak and edited by Kevin Redrico.

Watch: YouTube

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