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The latest release from FReestyle, an a cappella summer program, founded and directed by Bri Holland in Pittsburgh, PA.

This track is the work of the fourth annual FReestyle summer program. This was the second year I got to be involved in the program. This year, I not only got to talk about recording and workshop the students on their arrangements, but I also got to work with each student individually, tracking their part for this single. I can’t believe how interest/talent rises with this group, year after year. I’m excited to hear back from these students and hope they keep singing in college and beyond.

As a note – All of the proceeds from sales of this track go straight back into funding an even better program for the kids at Franklin Regional Schools this coming summer.

I recorded this track. Bri Holland arranged, edited, and mixed it. It was masted by Dave Sperandio.

Listen:  LoudriTunesSpotify

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