War Without Weapons – KeyHarmony

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The latest release from KeyHarmony, an all female a cappella group from University of Central Florida, FL.

After an unexpected heavy year, I’m happy to herald a new beacon of music from my friends in Orlando. KeyHarmony is back with their sophomore EP, a follow up to Uncaged. This release followed SoundWave, a festival the group put on for all interested a cappella groups on their campus. Dead Man Walking was recorded the night before the festival. The rest of the albums was recorded during a follow-up session, a few months later. These songs and these women reach for what makes me love music – they do it to get closer to one-another, to their campus, to their families, and in the process often find a lot out about themselves. This project has continued to inform me about myself.

I recorded, edited, and mixed this EP. Mastering by Eric Scholz.

Buy: Loudr, iTunes, Spotify

Connect with Key Harmony: Facebook, TwitterYouTube


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