Crazy In Love – The Harpur Harpeggios

tedtrembinski Avatar

The latest release from The Harpur Harpeggios, or as I call them: The Pegs, an an all female a cappella group out of my alma mater, Binghamton University,.

The Pegs may be my longest running relationship with any specific a cappella group. At this point, I’ve recorded every member of the group for over a decade. In meeting and working with dozens of Pegs over the years, I have to say, this single is a fun one. Not only was it cool to catch up with new members, but these ladies stepped it up.

I recorded and edited and mixed this track. Mastering by Dave Sperandio of Vocal Mastering.

Listen: SpotifyYouTube, iTunes

Connect with The Pegs: Facebook, TwitterYouTube

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