War Without Weapons – KeyHarmony

The latest release from KeyHarmony, an all female a cappella group from University of Central Florida, FL.

After an unexpected heavy year, I’m happy to herald a new beacon of music from my friends in Orlando. KeyHarmony is back with their sophomore EP, a follow up to Uncaged. This release followed SoundWave, a festival the group put on for all interested a cappella groups on their campus. Dead Man Walking was recorded the night before the festival. The rest of the albums was recorded during a follow-up session, a few months later. These songs and these women reach for what makes me love music – they do it to get closer to one-another, to their campus, to their families, and in the process often find a lot out about themselves. This project has continued to inform me about myself.

I recorded, edited, and mixed this EP. Mastering by Eric Scholz.

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We Are The World – University of Central Florida A Cappella

The latest collaboration organized by KeyHarmony, an all female a cappella group from University of Central Florida, FL.

Last year, months before Orlando was in the headlines for reasons of violence or hate, Orlando Soundwave happened. It was an a cappella event put on by KeyHarmony, after the group won Schick’s National “Aca-Battle”. They put a portion of that prize money into uniting KeyHarmony with other groups on campus, specifically Gemini Blvd, Mixed Mode, and The Crescendudes. These groups united in an exchange of ideas, song, laughter, and dance. I know because I was there, and I got to record people from all of the mentioned groups sing this song. I am continuously so proud and impressed by the sense of community, compassion, and love the a cappella community at UCF is laced with.

I recorded, edited, and mixed the song. Mastering by Dave Sperandio of Vocal Mastering.

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