Unaccounted For – The Brown Derbies

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The latest release from The Brown Derbies, an a cappella group out of Brown University in Providence, RI.

This is the second project I worked on with the Derbies, following their album Derbyhaus. This one features many of the same guys from that project as they’ve grown and assumed leadership roles, as well as a whole new class of Derby wearing dudes. While they’re style might be classic, their song choice is full of some contemporary bangers. Of course, what Derbies’ album is complete without a signature “telephone message” – check out this album’s take of ‘Hotline Bling’.

I recorded, edited, and mixed this album, with the exception of Chandelier and Not In That Way, which were recorded by Bri Holland. The album was mastered by Eric Scholz.

Listen: Spotify, iTunes

Connect with The Brown Derbies: WebsiteFacebook, Twitter

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